Permanent Makeup In Fresno California

Permanent makeup is perfect whether you're looking to trim down your daily routine or treat yourself to the next level of makeup modernity. Eternity & Beyond is your single stop for permanent cosmetics in California. Conveniently located in the heart of Fresno with flexible appointment hours, you've never been closer to achieving your aesthetic dreams. Celebrating over 10 years of excellence, stop by for a consultation on microblading, eyelash extensions, or tattoo removal from a true artisan in her field. Monica Garza also specializes in reconstructive artistry, aiding San Joaquin survivors redefining their femininity through permanent makeup. Servicing the full spectrum of skin tones across the state, color theory plays a foundational role in achieving the effortless beauty you desire here at Eternity & Beyond. Look no further for a micropigmentation master! 

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Prestigious permanent makeup

  • Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

    Permanent eyebrow makeup is the most requested cosmetic service at Eternity & Beyond in Fresno, California. Microblading, hairstrokes, and 3D brows are a speciality.

  • Permanent Eyeliners

    Permanent eyeliners really enhance the look of your eyes. Here at Eternity & Beyond in Fresno we are California's permanent makeup experts.

  • Permanent Lipstick

    For luscious lips that never smudge or smear, permanent makeup is the way to go! Eternity & Beyond is the permanent makeup central in Fresno, California.

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