Permanent lips

The cherry on top of the sundae of makeup style is irrefutably luscious lips. Often regarded as one of the most sensual parts of the body, lipstick has been used for centuries to command attention and flaunt artistic individuality. While the colorful and rich history of lipstick has indelibly left its mark on feminine expression, many find constant reapplication or accidental pigment transfer to be an inescapable chore. Permanent makeup shines light on these struggles and offers a solution for weary fashionistas!

permanent lipstick

When considering permanent makeup lips, there are two options at hand:

The Lip Liner refers explicitly to pigment that is applied to create the outline, constructing the shapely silhouette of one's lipstick. Most commonly, this is done by carefully passing strokes along the lips' natural vermillion border. Natural tones may be chosen to correct uneven lips, bolster definition, or add shapeliness in desired areas, though plenty of vivacious clients prefer a bold contrasting color to add a level of pop! 

The Lip Fill, in contrast, encompasses the full body of your lips. Passes are made across the length of the lips to apply a pleasing, even shade that never smears or smudges. Due to the differences in muscular composition of the lips in comparison to the other facial structures, applications often take two visits to ensure your color takes evenly and radiantly. These follow up appointments are often much shorter, however, and we ensure to achieve your tint and shape goals on the road to a perfect pout. 

Some Important Points on Permanent Lipstick

Color can be used to create dynamic contouring; however, this is not a procedure for physically plumping up the lip tissue.

For clients who are susceptible to fever blisters or cold sores, it is important to take preventative antiviral medicine before the procedure and during the recovery process as the agitation from the machine can instigate a breakout.

The mouth is an extremely tactile area in humans, packed with nerve endings! Eternity & Beyond uses medical grade anesthetic to minimize any discomfort you encounter on your path to permanent aesthetics.