Best Tattoo Removal System

There are circumstances in which a permanent makeup application, plastic surgery, or an accident has left someone with unsymmetrical makeup, discolorations, or scars. We have two of the best tattoo removal options that will help to minimize, eliminate, or correct unwanted makeup or scars. The options are:

Remove the tattoo (eyebrows and lips only.)

Camouflage the unwanted tattoo or scar.

Either choice you make will be more satisfying than looking into the mirror and seeing a reminder of something that you want to forget. A permanent cosmetic fix is a beautiful way to feel better about yourself.

Tattoo removal is very common and now a demanding service. There are various reasons for a person to want to remove a design. Here at Eternity & Beyond, we use a method that removes tattoos anywhere on the body (with the exception of eyeliner). The process involves implanting a scientifically proven pigment that will fade the tattoo over a period of a year. The exact amount of time that it takes will depend upon the age of the tattoo, if a tattoo is on top of another tattoo, the colors that were used and if any skin tone coloration will be needed to achieve the desired result.

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